Press stories following publications of our scientific papers.

Press stories following the publication of Zhaoping L. and Guyader N. Interference with bottom-up feature detection by higher-level object recognition , Published in Current Biology 17, 26-31, (2007)

Snap decisions sometimes the best BBC News Jan 9, 2007, or click here .

Your snap judgments are spot on New Scientist, Jan 9, 2007.

The Key to Success? Don't Think About It, U.K. Researchers Say Bloomberg, Jan 2007

Why a Quick Look Can Be Better than a Deep Study Scientific American Jan 2007, or click here .

Why dithering gets you nowhere Daily Telegraph, Jan. 2007.

Story by Xinhua News Agency, Jan 2007

and stories from other sources.

Press stories following the publication of Zhaoping L. and Jingling L. (2008) Filling-in and suppression of visual perception from context --- a Bayesian account of perceptual biases by contextual influences , PLoS Computational Biology 4(2): e14 doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.0040014

Scientists "see" ghosts Daily Telegraph, Feb. 21, 2008.

Scientists find believing can be seeing News and internet discussions (Feb. 2008) at Slashdot, news for nerds, stuff that matters.

Popular science lectures.

A lecture in Chinese (for a lecture series on life and career organized by Rao Yi), at Beijing University, April 2009

A lecture and an interview in Chinese by a journalist from Scientific American Chinese edition, published July 10, 2016

Video lectures posted on YouTube click here

Other news:

News and analysis in Physics World, April 2004.

A trick to remember Physics review focus, March 2004

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