Student, Postdoc, or Staff Positions in Cognitive/Neuroscience

We are recruiting department/group members at various levels and for various roles: student, postdoc, research assistant, technician, scientist, and secretary, a few of the staff positions could be extended and made permanent. Please get in touch if you think your interest and skills are suitable.

When you get in contact, you should describe your background, include a CV and other helpful information about yourself. To demonstrate your interests and suitability in our works, you need to use concrete statements rather than unspecific (and unhelpful) statements such as "I am very interested in your research". Hence, it is best that you first read some of our papers/book to see whether our research topics and styles are of interests to your skill sets and your training needs, and then describe in concrete terms to demonstrate your knowledge of, and your suitability for, what we do, and why you are interested. It is also helpful to describe the kinds of projects that you would like to do and how/why they relate to our research program.We look forward to receiving your online application by E-Mail in PDF format (in one file) to:, where also informal inquiries can be addressed.

The newest opennings (click in each title for details, and apply now!)

Postdoc in human psychophysics and neuroimagining .

Ph.D. position in human psychophysics and neuroimagining

Postdoc in rodent Neuroscience .

Ph.D. position in rodent Neuroscience .

Further Job Openings

Postdoc Position in Zebrafish Neuroscience

Requirement: should have a Ph.D. degree in neuroscience or a related field, and be skilled and experienced in at least a few and desirably many of zebrafish neuroscience research techniques such as: imaging (e.g., two-photon or lightsheet microscopy), electrophysiology, electrical, optogenetic or pharmacological manipulations, eye/behavioural tracking.

The postdoc will be actively engaged in setting up experiments, carrying out data acquisition and data analysis, writing up research reports and papers, supervising students and working with other research team members, etc. The postdoc will be involved in one or many of the active research topics such as visual attention/orienting, visual recognition, olfactory processing, odor recognition, sensory adaptation, sensory segmentation, and sensory integration, and sensorimotor transformation r other topics to be discussed. Different researchers in this department use different research methods including psychophysics, neurophysiology, imaging, and computation modeling, you should be able to benefit from interacting and collaborating with colleagues using different methods. Salary will depend on your experience.

PhD Student Position/ Research Assistant in Zebrafish Neuroscience

Similar as the position above, but for candidates with less experience and educational level.

Postdoc/Studentship/Research Assistant Position in Computational/Theoretical Neuroscience

You should be very skilled and experienced in analytical methods such as linear algebra, statistical methods, and differential equations. You should be interested in reading and working with experimental data and good at communicating and/or collaborating with experimental colleagues. Salary depends on your experience.

For general information about our research interest, please go to our departmental website