Understanding Vision: theory, models, and data --- a book (by Oxford University Press) published May 2014,

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Table of contents of the book

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Chapter 1: Approach and Scope

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Get a quick glimpse from this 3.5 minute video

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Chapter 2: A Very Brief Introduction of What is Known about Vision Experimentally

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A quick introduction to what is known experimentally about biological vision in this playlist of 15 shorter video clips (average 9:52 minutes each) .

Chapter 3: The Efficient Coding Principle

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Introductory/summary lectures and a playlist shorter video details (about 10 minutes each)

Slides from a lecture on this topic in ACCN 2014 summer school

Chapter 4: V1 and Information Coding

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Problems with understanding V1 by efficient coding principles (15:20 minutes) ,

Chapter 5: The V1 Hypothesis - Creating a Bottom up Saliency map for Preattentive Selection and Segmentation.

You can read it in the sample chapters of the book

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Introductory/summary lectures and a playlist of details

This is the video of a presentation (its slides) at the plenary symposium "Visual perception meets computational neuroscience" at ECVP 2013 could be used as a short introduction to this chapter

Chapter 6: Visual Recognition as Decoding.

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Two video lectures of introductory tutorial

a tutoral lecture at CVPR 2022

Slides from a lecture on color discrimination (cf. section 6.3.4 of the book) in Kongsberg Vision Meeting Oct. 2014

Chapter 7: Epilogue .

A blog article Are we too "smart" to understand how we see?

This review paper below may be seen as a very abbreviated version of some selected sections in chapters 3-5 of the book :.

L. Zhaoping (2006) Theoretical Understanding of early visual processes by data compression and data selection in Network: Computation in neural systems 17(4):301-334 (2006).