We have various projects for which we would like to welcome Hiwis to join us. Depending on your skills and applicability, some of such projects could also be combined with thesis projects. They are often on visual psychophysics projects (e.g., visual detection/discrimination in stereo vision) or computational projects, strong skills in programming and communications are desirable. Please email jobs.li@tuebingen.mpg.de to inquire.

Information we need from you to decide whether there is a suitable hiwi position for you.

(1) Tell us your training program, and send us your transcripts, with information on the courses you have taken and grades you achieved.

(2) A CV, listing your skills (e.g., programming, electronics, writing, organization) and experience/achievements.

(3) Tell us what topics in our labs interest you most, it helps that you have already some knowledge of what we do, by read about some past projects or papers of our lab, and/or have taken our courses.

(4) Tell us your approximate starting date, preferred duration (in months or years) for this position, and number of hours per week that you would like to work (could be provisional, to be discussed).

Questions and enquiries: jobs.li@tuebingen.mpg.de